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Support for workers in the field using augmented reality

Uses  and functions

smARtoo is a software solution with elements of augmented reality that provides support for the specific needs of workers in the field. It provides information support for work activities in which digitization is not yet widespread. smARtoo helps companies to effectively deal with maintenance of machinery, to support service technicians in the field or to provide assisted visual support to end customers. When using the smARtoo client for RealWear smart glasses, the operator (service technician or customer representative) has both hands free for work and his communication with the supporting party is perfectly shielded from ambient noise.

Created for:

Maintenance managers, service technicians, maintenance workers, service dispatchers and inspection technicians.

Asistovaná vzdálená podpora - smARtoo

Assisted remote support

Thanks to smARtoo, the dispatcher can remotely instruct the worker in the field as effectively as if he were standing right next to him. He guides the worker with voice commands and displays the instructions in smart glasses or in mobile application on a phone or tablet. At the same time, he can see the same situation on his monitor as the technician on site. After each procedure, smARtoo creates a detailed report supplemented with photos taken, shared instructions and recorded videos.

Workflow guidance

Smart glasses with the advantage of free hands or a tablet or mobile phone will display to the technician a list of tasks related to the serviced device. Individual steps can be supplemented with video, images and multilingual texts. The operator chooses from a list of available workflows or reads a QR code on the device for identification and is then guided through a standardized workflow. A detailed record or revision protocol about the performed actions is created and it is possible to call the dispatcher for assisted assistance at any time.

Průvodce pracovním postupem - smARtoo
Přístup k dokumentaci - smARtoo

Access to documentation

Instant access to technical manuals, drawings and other documents needed for work without the need to have them printed. The worker can see everything in the field of vision of the smart glasses and has his hands free to work, or he can access the documentation using a tablet or mobile phone. By reading the QR code on the device or selecting from the list, the operator can quickly and easily access necessary documentation.

Capturing workflows

A senior employee or expert with smart glasses captures a video of the work process being performed. In this way, he captures his experiences, which are often not included in a necessary detail in written documentation. The recording contains not only recorded procedure, but also accompanying voice information and a breakdown of the individual steps. After the recording is processed, a standardized workflow is created for all other employees, which consists of videos, images and multilingual texts, very valuable for knowledge transfer.

Záznam pracovního postupu - smARtoo

Functionality list

  • Cloud or on-premise operation (except assisted remote support)
  • Login with QR code or secure voice password
  • Multilanguage user environment and content according to the user
  • Voice control
  • Environment for dispatchers, operators and external entities (for example, customers or manufacturers of serviced equipment)
  • User directory, favorite and last called contacts
  • Receive or call assisted remote support from different type of clients
  • Annotation by drawing into the image
  • Whiteboard for drawing
  • Dispatcher content sharing - full screen or application window
  • Remote control of the device by the dispatcher (zoom, flashlight, mute)
  • Recording the call
  • Documentation library
  • Workflow library
  • Call log generation including screens and drawing
  • Starting workflows by selecting from the directory or via QR code
  • Displaying documentation by selecting from the directory or via QR code
  • Workflow versioning and publishing to users
  • Drag&Drop workflow editor
  • Capturing workflows

Solution benefits

  • Less experienced employees join the work more quickly
  • Standardization of work procedures
  • Effective training of new workers
  • Documentation of performance of activities or procedures
  • Shortening intervention times and increasing service productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster resolution of issues
  • Capturing and transferring the knowledge of senior workers
  • Elimination of paper documentation
  • Increasing safety and ensuring compliance with standards
  • Reducing the error rate of interventions
  • Improving processes through data analysis
  • Field documentation available at any time
  • Reducing technology downtime

Supported devices

The client for operators (service technicians or customer maintenance representatives) is operated in smart glasses or on tablets or mobile phones. In the case of using the client on smart glasses, thanks to the technical design and voice control, the advantage of free hands for manual work is obtained. The client for operators can transmit image and sound to the dispatcher's workplace and receive video and voice instructions from the dispatcher, it can play back step-by-step work procedures, including documenting their execution, and record the performed work procedure for future authoring.

  • RealWear HMT-1
  • RealWear HMT-1Z1
  • RealWear Navigator 500
  • RealWear Navigator 520
  • iOS devices (iPhone mobile phones and iPad tablets)
  • selected mobile phones and tablets with Android 10 and higher


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